KPL Schedules


Krome Pool League (K.P.L.) – New Format – 10 Ball 3 Man Team Money League on the 9 foot Diamonds on Tuesday nights! 7:30pm start time.
Open to all players, no handicaps. 4 players max per team, 3 players play each night. Race to 7. Each player receives 1 point per game won, team receives an additional 2 points per match won. Every time you win a game, you just earned money!
There will be a $15 membership fee each session (100% paid back) and $15 match fee ($4 green fee – $11 towards prize fund) Money will be distributed in two ways. Roughly 2/3 of the prize money will be paid back to the players for games won, the other 1/3 will either be in playoffs or a tournament (depends on number of teams). We can only have a maximum of 9 teams per session. With the exception of the green fee, everything else is paid back. Session will last 14-16 weeks depending on holidays.

League will start October 3rd
Get your rosters in early, we can only host 9 teams per session
Play Pool, Win $$$$, Have Fun!