Arkansas Tap League

What are we playing for? Besides just for the sheer fun of the game, Arkansas Tap offers a lot for their players. During the session, teams are competing for points to earn the the High Point trophies. The top 3 highest finishers in each division plus 2 wildcards advance to the Titleholders where they have a chance to win money! and to see which teams qualify for our Annual Masters Tournament. High Point team advances all the way to Day 2 of the Titleholders event, skipping the Round Robin. At the end of each session, players get to vote on several awards and Arkansas Tap also awards MVP trophies to the top players in four different handicap categories, rewarding players for striving to play their best. During each session Arkansas Tap holds an Invitational Singles Tournaments, and a $1000 added 9 Ball End of Session Tournament, that are for Tap members only and all have added money. This is a great way for players to gain more experience and for Arkansas Tap to give back to the players. Arkansas Tap also pays for all of our captains yearly membership dues, because we really appreciate all the hard work and dedication it takes to be a captain.

It pays to win!  In both 8 ball divisions, each player that wins their match that night gets their name in a drawing.  At the end of the session, we will draw and one of our players will win $100.00.  So the more you win, the more tickets go into the drawing and give you better odds at taking home that Benjamin!

We play in-house at Krome Billards on Mondays and/or Thursdays. You can play on one night or both. You can start your own team or asked to be placed on a team. All skill levels are welcome. With our unique handicapping system every level of player has a chance to learn and win!

Fun stuff every session!

*Each session we will hold two (2) individual Invitational Tournaments for players with above average stats. These will be separated with one tournament being for handicaps 2-4, and the other tournament for handicaps 5-7. Arkansas Tap will add money to each of these tournaments as well.

*Play in our Monday night Division where we play 8 ball and 9 Ball.

*In both of our 8 Ball Divisions, every time a player wins their match, their name goes into a drawing.  At the end of the session we will draw and one player from each night will win $100.00!  So the more you matches you win during the session, the more chances you have to be drawn!

* MVP Program: We offer (4) MVP’s per Division: (2’s & 3’s), (4’s), ( 5’s), (6’s & 7’s). Each MVP receives a nice Arkansas Tap MVP T-shirt to commemorate their achievement . MVP is determined by match percentage and then adding the handicap of the players on matches won. The highest total is the winner. So it benefits you to continue to play the entire session and to not only play lower handicapped players. No MVP trophy will be awarded if the highest percentage is 50% or under. MVP trophies will only be awarded to the players with high integrity, regardless of scores.

M.V.P. Number. In the event of an exact tie, it will go by match percent, then game percent..

*Team M.V.P. Patch: We will send one “Team M.V.P.” patch to each team in week 13, and the team will decide who should receive this award for the session. The MVP patch can be given for any number of reasons…most improved player, best scorekeeper, top performer, sportsmanship, etc.

*We will present all our awards at the beginning of the next session. Several of our new awards, players will be able to vote on.


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