Krome Pool League

Krome Pool League (K.P.L.) – was created to allow all levels of local amateur players to compete in a handicapped tournament format. Players will be able to play in our Kickoff, and other added money tournaments each year, by playing in the required number of regular monthly tournaments. All tournaments will be held at Krome Billiards allowing our players to play on Diamond Tables for all events.

Two (2) $1000.00 added Tournaments will be hosted during the year. Players start over each part of the year to qualify for the next $1000.00 added, thus allowing new players to come in the 2nd half of the season and still qualify for a $1000.00 added tournament!

Handicaps will be assigned based on player’s handicaps in comparable leagues. Our handicaps range from 3-8 and all tournament races will be to your full handicap along with other handicapping criteria. We will have both 9 ball and 10 ball tournaments. And a Scotch Doubles tournament towards the end of the year for fun! We may even have an 8 ball thrown in somewhere!

Yearly membership is $20. Only members can play in KPL Tournaments.

Only Arkansas residents can be KPL members.

Monthly Tournaments will be $25 entry fee.

We will follow BCA 9 Ball and 10 Ball rules with the following exceptions:

No 3 foul rule